Hands down, detailed weddings are my favorite! I have planned many of them over the last 10 years but Lally & Kyle’s wedding took the cake. It was full of whimsical and romantic touches. The wedding was nestled on top of the Bluemont Mountains, on the most gorgeous overcast day. The wedding was a perfect love affair for all to witness. Lally & I were kindred spirits throughout the planning process and it gave me great joy to be a part of their big day. I know we will be friends for a long time. As promised, we’re sharing all the beautiful details from Lally & Kyle’s wedding, which was featured in the latest issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine. Enjoy these gorgeous photos from Nessa K.

xo, Pam

lally-and-kyle-592lally-and-kyle-050lally-and-kyle-033-bwlally-and-kyle-117 lally-and-kyle-126lally-and-kyle-113 lally-and-kyle-142 lally-and-kyle-154 lally-and-kyle-162 lally-and-kyle-463 lally-and-kyle-465 lally-and-kyle-476 lally-and-kyle-484 lally-and-kyle-500 lally-and-kyle-506 lally-and-kyle-523 lally-and-kyle-560 lally-and-kyle-572lally-and-kyle-135 lally-and-kyle-329 lally-and-kyle-336 lally-and-kyle-353 lally-and-kyle-358 lally-and-kyle-374 lally-and-kyle-376 lally-and-kyle-401 lally-and-kyle-407 lally-and-kyle-415 lally-and-kyle-418 lally-and-kyle-460 lally-and-kyle-094 lally-and-kyle-103PicMonkey Collage lally-and-kyle-157 lally-and-kyle-173 lally-and-kyle-178 lally-and-kyle-179 lally-and-kyle-189 lally-and-kyle-191 lally-and-kyle-192 lally-and-kyle-199 lally-and-kyle-200 lally-and-kyle-209 lally-and-kyle-221 PicMonkey Collage2 lally-and-kyle-237 lally-and-kyle-259 lally-and-kyle-267 lally-and-kyle-271 lally-and-kyle-279 lally-and-kyle-280 lally-and-kyle-292 lally-and-kyle-297 lally-and-kyle-302 lally-and-kyle-306 lally-and-kyle-309 lally-and-kyle-430 lally-and-kyle-468 lally-and-kyle-473 lally-and-kyle-731 lally-and-kyle-732 lally-and-kyle-763 lally-and-kyle-549 lally-and-kyle-630 lally-and-kyle-780 lally-and-kyle-868 lally-and-kyle-869 lally-and-kyle-871lally-and-kyle-875