We pride ourselves in custom designing weddings using fresh and charming details, which can ultimately be traditional, uncon- ventional, grand or intimate.
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  • Accolades Lindsay First

    We will never forget the special role you played in our wedding. Your creativity and unique touch made it a wedding like no other. We've heard from friends and family that it was the best wedding they've ever been to. We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding special from the beginning to the end.

    Lindsay & Tyson
  • Anne's Ritz accolades

    Working with Anne made wedding planning so easy (and fun)! She took all of our visions and dreams and made them come to life in the most beautiful way. Our wedding was the perfect mix of elegance and excitement, and it was all because of everything Anne did for us. Now I tell anyone who is planning a wedding that they need Anne!

    Danielle & Matt
  • Marisa & Pat pic

    Choosing Pam was the best decision we made during the entire wedding planning process. Pam's creativity and eye for detail helped move us from a couple without a plan to one with a beautiful, timeless event design that truly fit who we are. As a bride, I can't say enough about her ability take all of the ideas running through our heads, simplifying them, and then helping us choose the right path. I felt calm throughout the process with her at the helm, even on the big day, and friends and family were thoroughly impressed by her flawless and seemingly effortless coordination. She was responsive and made the entire journey enjoyable and fun for both me and my now husband.

    Marisa & Pat
  • ElizaBrigham Accolade

    From the first time we met, I knew we were kindred spirits and my wedding was going to be everything I had ever dreamed of since I was a little girl. Since then, my admiration, respect and appreciation for you has only grown. Thank you.

    Eliza & Brigham
  • Love Life Images

    Anne and the team from Atrendy were absolutely fantastic!  We did not want to leave anything to chance with our wedding and Anne made sure that our big day was absolutely phenomenal.  Anne's attention to detail is amazing. We think that her most amazing feature is that she is always smiling throughout the entire process.  No matter what drama was occurring, Anne always kept a smile on her face, and we really appreciated this about her.  Working with Anne was the smartest decision we made for our wedding day.

    Danielle & Josh
  • Sweet Tea Accolades

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly amazing and have been such a joy to work with. You have relieved so much stress and anxiety, and allowed me to focus on all the fun details of the big day. I know you must be so busy, but you have managed to make me feel as if I am your only bride you are working with. We are so grateful!

    Katelin & Nabeel
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