True Story, I was walking from an appointment to another in Old Town Alexandria. I had some time to spare so I was heading towards one of my favorite stores (Banana Republic). Coming my way was one of the most beautiful things, I HAD to act quickly. I think I almost knocked the poor girl over. It was a lovely girl on an old fashion blue bike.  Ok, so if your not a wedding planner you would have let the girl ride on by and enjoy her wonderful bike ride. Not me, I saw so many wonderful creative things with that bike. One of my awesome brides using it for her engagement photos, a back drop for a picture with beautiful hydrangeas coming out of the bike basket, leaning up against a tree as a couple eats a quiet picnic on a red and white checkered blanket (you get it)…  I couldn’t let this girl ride by me. I stopped her! She was SO confused. I quickly explained what I intended and  handed her my business card. I loved her bike what could I say! I thought she would never e-mail me, but guess what, she did! I hope we can put it to good use one day. This picture goes out to that sweet gal.


Caroline Ghetes