As a wedding planner I pretty much have a good sense of what a wedding will look like before the big day comes, BUT I was blown away by Lindsey & Evan’s wedding~it was stunning. I was hoping that bringing in a rustic feel to an elegant space would pull off and it did! Lindsey and Evan were a joy to plan with. I’m not sure if I have seen a couple so happy on their wedding day. Lindsey & Evan were all smiles and laughs! In the beginning, the ideas were flowing and some of Lindsey’s words to describe what she wanted was eclectic, romantic, Autumn, avant-garde, classic (the list went on…) Well, I can say “now” that their wedding was all those words and so much more. I loved this couple and their families!! They were so fun and loving.

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The **extremely** talented Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images took these amazing pictures. What a lucky couple to have all these gorgeous pictures of each other on their wedding day.

This was one of the prettiest dresses I’ve seen at a wedding!