Hay Adams Hotel

A historic and elegant space, the Hay Adams is one of the most popular wedding spots in DC. Crystal chandeliers, fireplaces, rich woodwork and silk wallpaper are just a few of the special touches the Hay has to offer. The reception space most sought after is the “Top of the Hay,” a room offering panoramic views of the city and its landmarks, and a large terrace that is perfect for cocktails and photos. The space is grand yet offers an intimate feel, plus there are plenty of luxurious rooms where you and your party can get ready. Enjoy a few of our photos from weddings we have helped plan at the Hay Adams.

hay-adams-dc-katie-josh- 113AG-1719-08x036_o'neill_coffey_blog__MJM6857 AG-1801-39z AG-1758-50yAG-1246-48x AG-2012-34x Liza_ Kate HeadleyHolland Photo Arts: Photos 2, 4-7
Jessica Shephard and Angel Kidwell: Photo 1
Kate Headley: Photo 8
Matt Mendelsohn: Photo 3



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Real Wedding: Ashley & Ryan

I am so happy to finally share this stunning winter wedding!  It was an amazing day with so much timeless charm and elegance.  I loved planning this magical day with Ashley & Ryan – from the start they knew they wanted to incorporate subtle nods to all hometowns {Vancouver + New England}, the city where they met {London} and where they live now {Washington, DC} – we found subtle ways to do this throughout the decor, paper products and food, while still showcasing the classic beauty of the Meridian House.  I am so proud to see this wedding featured in WedLuxe Magazine and so grateful to our amazing team of vendors that made this day come to life. Enjoy these beautiful images from Lori Miles + Patricia Lyons.

xo, Anne

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